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5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

All Bodybuilders must be weighed in, All Men’s Classic Physique must be weighed in and heighted (measured).

All Women’s Physique competitors can sign in without weight/height measurements.

All Men’s Physique, Figure, Wellness and Bikini competitors must be heighted (measured).

Button Numbers will be assigned at registration. Athletes who’ve registered for more than one class will wear the same button number.

Numbers are to be worn on the LEFT hip for Bodybuilding, Classic, Physique, Fitness and Figure.

Numbers can be worn on the LEFT or RIGHT hip for Bikini or Wellness, preferably on the side you pose the most towards the judges.

Please wear or bring your Bodybuilding Trunks, Classic Trunks, Board Shorts, and Two-Piece suits to registration for inspection by the judges.

For Bodybuilding, Men’s Classic Physique, Fitness & Women’s Physique only: *Important: There is now a a feature online that will allow you to upload your music prior to registration.  You will receive an email with instructions from Muscleware to upload your music.  If you have problems uploading the file (s), you may bring with you a flash drive or (USB Sticks) to registration as a last resort.  If you are entered in more than one discipline (i.e. Bodybuilding and Men’s Classic Physique, you must do 2 routines with the proper attire.) Please upload both music pieces to the database.  All routines must contain a 60 second music track for bodybuilders, classic physique and women’s physique.  Music with profanity will be discarded & athlete will pose to music provided by the promoter.


MANDATORY ATHLETE’S MEETING will take place at 7:00 PM

The registration process will take place at the Empress Theatre (inside of the Capitol Theatre), 201 Robinson St, Moncton located on the 2nd floor from 5 pm – 7 pm.  Please enter the side door of the theatre.